I’ve been doing so many acnl clothes lately
I’m thinking of opening a side blog for them
Where I can do requests and custom ones and junk like that

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Freeza’s immediate henchmen are tropical fruits:

Kui - kiwi

Zarbon - pomelo fruit

Dodoria - durian fruit

Appule - apple

…and the Ginyu Force are dairy products!

Ginyu - gyunyu (japanese word for milk)

Jeice/Jheese - cheese (chiizu -> jiisu)

Burter/Butta - butter (baataa -> baata)

Recoome/Reacoom - cream (kuriimu -> rikuumu)

Guldo/Gurd - (yo)gurt (youguruto -> gurudo)

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Since my last monster letter-patch was such a success, I’m doing it again!

I will draw a monster character aged 15-18 based on your blog OR three words of your choice. (examples: [the characters in these images are not monsters, but the style will be similar] X X X)

You will then receive 1 letter, in which there’ll be:

  • A flat colours/simple shading watercolour-illustration of your monster (paper size A5)
  • A page of sketches (paper size A5)
  • A character description, including favourite subject, hobbies, etc
  • A sketch of your monster with a monster FRIEND or LOVE-INTEREST. (paper size A5)
  • A brief description of said friend/love-interest

20 USD (18 if you don’t want a friend/love interest)

Payment via paypal.

To get one of these, contact me via REBEKKA DH [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM (Without the spaces) or send me an ask!

Aaaa I did a good deed. There’s a house I always drive past dropping my siblings off at school and there was a hole in the fence that this guys dogs kept getting through. I should have said something before cause at one point there was a separate hole they were getting through but it was patches up quick
Saw a new hole and so many people drive through there in the morning for school I’d hate to see them get hit
His expression though was just UGH THESE TWO so I take it that it’s happened before lmao.